Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom

Behavior Solutions for the Inclusive Classroom

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WHY won't he stay in his seat? WHY does she flap her hands? And WHAT should I do??

As inclusion becomes the norm in general education, teachers are faced with behaviours they have never seen before. Special needs educators may recognize the telltale symptom of a sensory need or a textbook-case of an avoidance behaviour, but this is all new territory for the general-ed crowd!

Written by Director of Special Education Peter Gennaro, occupational therapist Beth Aune, and special needs mom and advocate Beth Burt, this book illuminates possible causes of those mysterious behaviours, and more importantly, provides solutions!

Teachers can quickly look up an in-the-moment solution and learn about what the child is communicating, and why. The authors collaboratively address problem behaviours such as:

  • Out-of-Seat Behaviours
  • Fidgeting
  • Hand-flapping
  • Covering Ears
  • Hiding or Running Away When Upset
  • Putting Head Down or "Shutting Down"
  • Difficulty with Class Work and Homework
  • Losing Materials and Missing Assignments
  • Poor Handwriting
  • Not Following Directions
  • Saying Rude or Inappropriate Things
  • Clothing Issues
  • Difficulty Making Decisions
  • Excessive Talking
  • Laughing Excessively or Being Silly
  • Little or No Eye Contact
  • Temper Outbursts And many others!

Teachers, it is possible to accommodate learning differences and sustain a positive learning environment for ALL students. This book is a must-have for every inclusive classroom!

Table Of Contents:

Introduction p. xi
Movement Issues p. 1
Arm- & Hand-flapping p. 2
Arm-swinging p. 5
Breaking Pencils and/or Crayons p. 7
Bumping Into Other Students/Touching Inappropriately p. 10
Chewing on Shirt or Other Inappropriate Items p. 13
Excessive Yawning p. 16
Fidgeting p. 19
Out-of-Seat Behaviours p. 22
Excessive Hugging, Leaning against People, or Pushing People p. 26
Taking Off Shoes p. 29
Avoidance and Retreat Behaviours p. 33
Avoiding Physical Contact or Messy Activities p. 36
Covering Ears p. 39
Hiding or Running Away When Upset p. 42
Putting Head Down or "Shutting Down" p. 45
Difficulty with Routine and Academics p. 47
Difficulty with Carpet Time p. 50
Difficulty with Lining Up p. 53
Difficulty Starting Assignments p. 56
Difficulty with Small Group Activities p. 59
Difficulty with Homework p. 62
Losing Materials and Missing Assignments p. 65
Messy Desk or Disorganized Binder p. 68
Poor Handwriting p. 71
Not Attending/Off Task or Not Following Directions p. 74
Not Following Playground Rules p. 78
Problems at Lunchtime p. 82
Not Asking for Help p. 85
Transitioning and the Insistence on Sameness p. 87
Social-Emotional Issues p. 91
Saying Rude or Inappropriate Things p. 94
Clothing Issues p. 97
Difficulty Accepting Criticism p. 99
Difficulty Making Decisions p. 102
Excessive Talking p. 104
Humming, Talking to Self, or Inappropriate Vocalizations/Odd Gestures p. 108
Interrupting p. 110
Laughing Excessively or Being Silly p. 112
Little or No Eye Contact p. 115
Smelling People or Objects p. 118
Talking Loudly p. 120
Temper Outbursts p. 122
Movement Breaks/Goal-Directed Tasks p. 125
Sensory Input Devices p. 127
Calming Techniques p. 128
Additional Resources p. 131
About the Authors p. 137
Index p. 141
Table of Contents provided by Ingram. All Rights Reserved.


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