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Sensory Star Kids Bed Tent - (Pink Single)
Sleep or Sensory Challenges? Does your child have bedtime anxiety? Is he or she scared to sleep in their own bed? Are they easily overwhelmed by sensory stimulation? Do they share a room with a sibling and need more privacy?...
$179.99 $104.99
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Sensory Dark Den Pop Up Tent
The Sensory Dark Den Pop Up Tent (a.k.a Sensory Blackout Tent) is a popular sturdy tent used to create a darkened sensory space. Often set up in school classrooms or homes, they give the opportunity for children to hide away...
$224.99 $159.99
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Sensory Comfortable Lazy Pod
Lounge in luxury, recline in comfort with our Sensory Lazy Pod (a.k.a Therapy Bean Bag). A great tool to let your high energy kids calm down during playtime, snack time or even therapy. Unlike the classic bean bag chair which...
$549.99 $324.99
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