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Sensory Cushions

      Our sensory cushions are intended to provide comfort, relaxation, and sensory stimulation in a fun and engaging way. Also called a wriggle cushion or wiggle seat, these cushions are great for kids with ADHD, and are available in a range of textures and colours. ... Read More

      If you’re an NDIS participant, you may be able to use your funding to cover your purchase as well. Browse our range online and order today.

      Wobble Cushion

      A wobble cushion, also known as a balance cushion, is a sensory cushion that may sound weird at first but is actually beneficial in developing the core muscles of your children. A balance cushion is an ideal solution for increasing their sense of focus, balance, and stability as they sit. They’re also a great space-saving alternative to a fit ball!

      Your child's core strength is important in developing the ability to balance and sit still. This one-of-a-kind cushion has an unstable surface that helps to exercise core muscles, improve posture, and increase stability.

      Aside from using it while sitting in a chair, it can also be placed on the floor and be used as a great tool to strengthen lower body muscles. They make great tools for developing strength and even doing rehabilitation exercises.

      Wriggle Sensory Cushions from Dzsensory Store are specifically intended to assist and stimulate the senses and provide a good sensory experience for children living with autism or other cognitive disorders.


      • Unstable surface to enhance balance and stability
      • Strengthens core muscles and improves posture
      • It is suitable for both sitting and standing activities.
      • Non-slip base for safety
      • Available in a variety of colours and patterns
      • Bump studded on one side
      • *Vibrating pillows


      • Enhances stability and balance
      • Improves posture and develops core muscles
      • Improves focus and attention
      • Can ease stiffness and back pain
      • Suitable for a variety of tasks, including office work and exercise.
      • Vibrating pillow provides great tactile input
      • Bump studded side provides sensory input
      • Each side provides different sensations

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      At Dzsensory Store you may be able to use your NDIS funding. We will provide you with NDIS invoice and even send the invoice to your plan manager on your behalf for payment.

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