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Feelings Friends provide your child with the confidence to explore, share and navigate their feelings. 
To support your child's emotional awareness journey, we recommend incorporating Feelings Friends into your daily routines. Feelings Friends are adorable plush toys with interchangeable faces representing different emotions. These lovable characters provide a tangible and interactive way for children to explore and express their feelings. Here are a few activities you can try with Feelings Friends:
  • Emotion Identification: Encourage your child to identify and express emotions using Feelings Friends. Begin by discussing each emotion represented by the different faces, such as happy, sad, angry, or surprised. Ask your child to match the appropriate face with their own emotions, providing them with a safe and comfortable space to express how they feel.
  • Emotion Charades: Play a game of emotion charades using Feelings Friends. Take turns acting out an emotion without using words, while the other person guesses the feeling being portrayed. This activity promotes empathy, emotional recognition, and the ability to interpret non-verbal cues.
  • Storytelling with Feelings Friends: Create storytelling sessions using Feelings Friends as characters. Ask your child to imagine a scenario where the characters experience different emotions. Prompt them to discuss why the characters might feel a certain way and how they could support one another. This is also when you can address current situations your child is struggling with and open discussions through play.
  • Emotion Check-ins: Set aside a few moments each day for an emotion check-in using Feelings Friends. Invite your child to select a face that best represents their current emotional state. Use this opportunity to validate their feelings, discuss any concerns, and offer support and reassurance.

Emotional awareness is a vital skill that sets the stage for your child's future emotional wellbeing and social interactions. By introducing activities that involve Feelings Friends, you provide your child with a tangible tool to explore and understand their emotions in a fun and engaging way. Remember, the journey of emotional awareness is ongoing, and your guidance and support as a parent play a crucial role. Together, let's empower our little ones to embrace their feelings, build healthy relationships, and navigate life's ups and downs with confidence and resilience.


♡ Feelings Friend

♡ Level 1 board book

♡ 4 interchangeable expressions 

HAPPY - SAD - SCARED - ANGRY (Level 1 Feelings)


♡ Each Feelings Friend comes with four interchangeable faces (Level 1- happy, sad, scared and angry).

♡ Interchangeable faces feature embroidered details to match the feeling and facial expression on the front; happy, sad, scared and angry and includes the feeling name on the back with soft, pastel colors.

♡ Each Feelings Friend wears a non-removable onesie with a zip pocket at the front to store additional faces.

♡ Body is made with 100% polyester. Interior fill contains polyester fibres and is gently weighted with plastic pellets.

♡ Feelings Friends are suitable from birth.

♡ Feelings Friends comply to AS/NZS ISO 8124 and USA ASTM F963 Standards.


Feelings Friends, 37cm

Interchangeable faces, 12.5cm

Board Book, 13cm x 15cm


1) Level 2 Feelings

    ♡ Level 2 set comes with four interchangeable faces (safe, tired, nervous and annoyed).

2) Level 3 Feelings

    ♡ Level 3 set comes with four interchangeable faces (calm, sick, silly and grumpy).

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